The First Serious Delay

Real life brings unexpected surprises and I needed to stop this project for a few months but I am back. The most important thing is not to give up. The successful people fall and pick up, fall again, learn and they come back again, hopefully stronger. Presently, I am lost in posts and publishing. I tried to update my site and forgot where and how I placed my posts. So I have to review youtube videos again.    

The Start

Read the text in the post “EQ Academy Project” (by the way EQ stands for Emotional Quotient),

Now we need to buy a domain and hosting, the location on the server. I chose a hosting with the company  

However, before we start designing our website, we need to know clearly what is our specialty, niche and branding. Product or service? What product? Why is this product worth paying for, and why someone should buy from us?

In the past I had many fancy and expensive websites but  they only fulfilled my Ego. They were not generating any traffic or sales in spite of my hard work. Then I did not understand the principals of web world. My friend, and one of the best guru on the Internet Marketing, Peter Jaśniewski, was telling me all these things many years ago, but I did not listen. Now chapeau bas to him.

You can find a lot of information on  I like Joshua Jackson's directions. We have nothing to lose because we get a super-duper important knowledge of social networks advertising and marketing.

Today I had a lot of stress, because I'm not a computer genius and half a day I followed the instructions on youtube. The result is this page. But the best is an enemy of good so I will improve my site later.  

This was our first step to success.

EQ Academy Project

Who does not want to be happy, healthy and wealthy?

Welcome to the adventure, which is supposed to make us prosperous and famous experts. The adventure lies in the following principal: by copying three famous millionaires we will build our own Empire and see if it works!

In several months, John Locke and Brandon Burchard received cheques in excess of a million dollars by applying some of the few rules of contemporary marketing. I do not know abot Nick’s Daws finances, but  I am sure he is successful.

So we had started website on  May 01, 2014 and today, we restart the idea on September 22, 2014. I will be writing about all activities in real time ad hoc, as we go!  Those who are joining us now, they still have a chance to be ahead of me.  All blogs will be available in the archives.

Good luck!