Discover your Passion

The most fascinating challenge in life is how to overcome fear and inner battles and allow ourselves to live our dreams. For some, this moment comes unexpectedly, as an explosion of powerful emotions; for others, it takes years of developing interest and unwavering pursuit of a goal. When this pursuit engages us so fully that we experience enthusiasm, excitement, and energy, then passion is born. There are many different ways that passion can be discovered. In my case, my passion crystallized over many years and through many unexpected interruptions. When I was a child, my mother shared with me her love for books. Each fall, we diligently attended the book fair. On one occasion, I had a short conversation with one of the authors.  His confidence, eloquence, and sophisticated vocabulary made him seem like the smartest person in the world.  I wanted to be exactly like him and in that moment, I decided to become a writer. Over the years, however, I also wanted to be a teacher, a lawyer, a dancer, and a professional tennis player. I forgot about my first dream until I began studying literature and journalism. I was thrilled with my choice. I liked interviewing interesting people, writing and research. When I was completing my third article criticizing the communist government, my mother, concerned that my views would put me in jail, invited me to Canada, where she was residing at that time. I landed in Montreal. In 1981, Martial Law was declared in Poland, and I could not return to my country. I had to forget about my dreams and start building my new life. My biggest asset – command of the Polish language – meant nothing here. Nine years later, communism collapsed, and I decided to change my life and become a writer. I quit my well-paid job in the aerospace industry and announced that I was going to spend some time in our country place and write. I took my computer and my dog and started to think about what I could write. A few weeks passed before I had my title; by the third month, I had written barely a few paragraphs. At that moment, I gave up writing. Another nine years passed before I visited my country. I observed that in Poland, people had no idea how to find employment. I saw an opportunity to share what I had learned in Canada, and this is how I wrote my first book. A year later, I wrote two more books about emotional intelligence (my second passion). Presently, I am writing business books in both Polish and English. Books became my passion. Writing is a task to which I have been drawn all of my life, but I did not believe that I could do it. Now, it never seems like work. It gives me a pleasure, satisfaction, self-fulfillment, and energy. Finding passion should be a first step in self-discovery process. Passion is a major component of happiness and creativity. Passion is what motivates the pursuit of a dream and what improves quality of our life. Anything is possible, if we have a deep desire to achieve something and believe that we can do it. Perhaps your talent is undiscovered or a hobby. Pursue it, develop it, share it, and honor its uniqueness. Make your life interesting and meaningful.