Dynamics on the book Market

I am reading a lot of posts, articles and books and today I came across with a very interesting data: John Kremer in his today's message is giving the following info:

"There are 332 Million Hungry Prospects on LinkedIn. Average salary on LinkedIn: $112,000 Average salary on Facebook: $61,000 Average salary on Twitter: $58,000"

It made me think that besides the wisdom of three gurus I will incorporate in my blogs additional other information which is the most updated and I consider useful for success.

Now we know who has money to buy books and sincere interest in professional development.   Think if it could be your potential client.  It is certainly mine for my latest book which explains how to write and publish a book as the most effective Self -Public Relations tool.

All these different approaches to marketing and sales are important. Some could be just an inspiration and other a sample for our product or service.